Photography In Bournemouth 10th Dec '07

Well, just been browsing around Flickr and learning what's on offer from the site. I found a neat little tool that enables you to place your photo's on a map, so other users can see exactly where the photo was taken. I decided to add all my photo's to the map and zoomed out to take a screen shot.

I have taken a few more photo's that noted here, but these are the ones I warrant for upload. i.e I think these ones are the best of the bunch. I hope to explore a little further a field but I can use this said map to help plan a photography session, looking a certain road layouts, woodland areas etc. What ever I do I look forward to it.

I hope to keep building on the collection I have so far. I would like to expand on the whole night time photography to branch out my photography skills, so maybe some panoramic photo's or various other styles.

I have received a fair bit of feedback of other users on Flickr which is really rewarding. Its proving to be a hit with me, I cant really say I've looked back to deviantART since joining Flickr, thought my young cousin does submit work onto deviantART so I pop back for that reason only.

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