Reflection 30th Nov '07

Today was the group critique for the Postcard project. I opted to do a photography based project as my passion for the subject has grown rapidly since acquiring my DSLR.The brief was to create 6 postcards to display as a final. Due to financial issues I was unable to display a pristine final design, so opted to display my .pdf on the projector.When we arrived for the crit it became apparent that some second year visual communication people were going to crit out work and then feedback to us.

I feel this didnt go too well. People who had the time & money to mock up a really nice looking final got noticed and had advice offered. where as the people that didn't manage to fully complete were left without an crumb of constructive criticism. The second years still didnt seem to fully understand what they were talking about, for an example one person said "I like this one 'cos it looks cool!"

After the second years left we then paired off and offered critique on each others work. I paired up with Gareth Sanger as I knew he had a keen eye for photography and I was interested in his opinion of my postcards.

Here is a final design of one selected postcard:

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