Peer Assisted Learning 12th February '08

Today was the third P.A.L session we've had with the second years. Our focus today was that of covering letters, These are an integral part of sourcing your work experience. If done wrong they could prove to lose you the place you want.

Some Things to remember are: Formality, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Answering all possible questions before they finish reading the letter & Multi-format friendly so you can post if necessary but also email.

Below I have quoted my Cover letter, It was used as an example to show other peers in my group:


I am contacting you as regards to potential work experience within ‘design company name’, from the week commencing dd/mm/yy. Ideally I’m looking for around a two week placement, but I’m flexible as I appreciate you’re a business and will more than likely have a busy schedule.

To give you a little more information about me, my Name is Daniel Hodson and I’m currently studying an Fda In Visual Communication at the Arts Institute, Bournemouth.

I have enclosed a copy of my portfolio, which conveniently is in a handy .pdf format.

Should you need to contact me at a later date my contact deals are the following:

Mobile: 07933526611

I look forward and anticipate hearing from you.


Daniel Hodson

I think this is of suitable quality to use as a final.

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