Refection 3rd February '08

Well. I've taken a long break from updating my Journal. Mainly because I've been busy for my Royal British Legion project, which I'm pleased to say is finally handed in. I found it an extremely testing project. Its helped me learn some vitals lessons, one being that when I come into employment I'm not always going to get briefs that I like.

That said, I did (by the end of the unit) enjoy it. We had two small group crits as the Unit went on, giving us really good peer related feedback meaning we could help each other. Im aiming for the 60 mark on the project and feel I've done enough to attain this.

There are 42 people in our group & I managed to get within the top 10 rated campaigns meaning my work will go into a portfolio of work that will be shown to design companies.

On the subject on design companies. At the end of this Uni year we're allocated 2 weeks or more of work experience. I think now is the perfect opportunity to start looking around. I feel my chosen profession could be based around publishing and/or photography. So I'm going to keep my eyes peeled and also start researching.

on Thursday 24th Jan, we received feedback on our visual culture essays from Dr. Anna Middleton. I was extremely pleased with the feedback and support gave me, and now due to make some modifications to the essay as it stands at the moment.

That Thursday I set off to see my now Fiancée at Aberystwyth University for a long weekend. I was very enjoyable and I also had chance to take some photography.

Looking ahead its now time to focus on my new brief which is loosely titled 'Screen based media' the focus being Flash using Action script 2.

(Notes to self) Start updating frequently again.

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