Reflecton 16th April '08

That's it, I've handed in my final set project for the 1st year of my course. I cant believe its been 8 months since I started. I have really enjoyed this year and feel I've learned so much.

I've scored 2.1's across all projects, hopefully I can secure another with this project.

We have a guest speaker from wonderland magazine, Luke Lobley. Who will be visiting on tuesday.

I've been given the opportunity to show my proposed magazine to Luke with a handful of my peers. Maybe this could lead to work experience, or at least a nice sense of professional criticism.

I just have some live briefs to work on now, I didn't manage to get any work experience. I'm still unsure what I want to do. Photography is a strong passion for me.

On a slightly more comical note, I lost some hair last time I went out!
Now I look younger again. Great, just what I need when it comes to going out into town, or buying my favourite drinks.

Stay Tuned!

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