Things drawing to a close 12th May '08

Well, what an inspiring year at has been.
I feel my skills as a designer have grown leaps and bounds, not only physically but mentally too.

I think totally different when it comes to approaching design work, in fact anything in general.
My deep desire for photography has finally surfaced and now I feel I can proficiently use a camera and aim to expand on this over the summer break.

After meeting with our clients are the marketing department as regards to our final design ideas for the photography short course (see previous blogs.) Im pleased to say they chose my design.

That its self has been a learning process that I'll take with me when / wherever I undertake any design work. The client as always right, though you can still offer opinions based on your professional outlook.

Fda Vis-comm first, in a nut shell... Awesome, I've finally got some direction for my design.

please visit my flickr and see some of my latest photography.

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