Visits As Part Of Placement Unit May 1st '08

Thanks to my Tutor Kit Johnson I have been able to contact CHS Creative who are based in Christchurch.

A designer She knows has just been involved in an on-location photo shoot, with pictures taken by a photographer from the design company.

Below is the email I sent to CHS Creative

I was refered to your website after speaking to my tutor at the Arts Insitute Bournemouth.
She was made aware of your site after speaking to a designer who recently worked along side with a photographer from your company.

I am an undergraduate studying Visual Communication. This is my first year, which is rapidly
coming to an end.

Our final unit is entitled work placement.

As part of this unit, we are encouraged to arrange and visit working practices.

would this be possible for me to do?

With the website underconstruction I'm extremely curious as to what work your produce.
The fact your commision photographers excites me,

I myself am a keen photographer. my public gallery is available through Flickr account:

I appreciate your a working practice, so anything no matter how little would be appreciated.


Daniel Hodson
Fda Visual Communications Student
The Arts Institute Bournemouth

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