New Briefing 30th October '08

This unit aims to extend my knowledge and understanding of the disciplines within the design
industry relating to identification and representation. It is concerned with the fundamental issues
and functions of visual identity systems of contexts and a variety of formats. The actual company we're concentrating on is Animal 'clothing.'

We've been set a day project to do some group research into the company and to explore their target audience. Animal seems to have fashion followers as well as followers who pursue their brand for the purpose of their chosen sport.

My team is made up of Lianne, Megan, Milla, Emily, Martin and Myself. We've split into pairs and researched various aspects of Animal for example, People and the stereotype that's associated with Animal. The Location of 'extreme' sports e.g Mountains, Warm Sea Conditions etc.

Below is the moodboard created my Meg and Myself our focus was People associated. Imagery was limited however we now have a brief overview and a tasty colour palet.

Peoples moodboard by Meg and Myself (click for large version)
Me and Meg have both decided that tomorrow we should maybe go to 'real' locations to maybe compile a real colour scheme of how we would percieve such activites. I anticipate teals and darker faded colours rather than rich warms, blues etc. It could be really interesting.

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