Sorted. 10th October '08

Well today has been fun, We've now undertaken the next part of our learning outcome. We've got to create a series of 6 greetings cards, utilizing what ever skills we have.

This mini project is slightly less run of the mill as we're being chaperoned by a guest visitor, I can't remember her last name so when I find out I'll update this blog. Her first name is Claire.

To give a brief insight about her, she started out doing Textiles specializing in Surface Pattern. After gaining her qualification she then scored a Job in Preston working for a greetings card company who sourced work from WHSmiths and Clintons and various other small shops. She worked there for around 4 years before moving from Preston to Dorset, she did continue to work for the company from home though unfortunately she was made redundant after an American company bought out her employer. Shes now doing freelance work, utilizing the contact-sheet and covering letter campaign.

She has done work for the company Second Nature involving popup cards, she was working with another designer doing 12/24 cards.

I feel she is going to be a great asset in this project with her experience.

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