Successful Day 7th October '08

Today has been a good day, We completed the second part of our 'PAL' training. As of next Monday we will be running official lessons with the first years.

I can't wait to get started. Looks like I'll be Teaming up with Lianne and and James, I think our PAL group will go from strength to strength. Because our team I can see our sessions being extremely fun, our personalities build up a pretty good concoction.

The 1st brief is looking slightly shabby, last day to work on it before Crit on Thursday and I've still not got an idea. Its gonna be a tough day tomorrow! Maybe I should of managed my time more efficiently.

Big big plus is that I've managed to bag myself a Mac book Pro 17" Should be arriving thursday!

I feel like a little kid a Christmas. Only thing now is that I'm not going to be in when It'll be delivered.


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