Photo Portfolio Planning 26th November '08

The old saying "It's good to talk" has made it into my head recently. After speaking to various friends and peers of mine I've decided I really need to look at my direction as regards to careers. Some people are really into the course, where as I feel a little that it's not quite right for me.

Imagine a big circle full of little dots, each dot represents a person. There people whose thoughts are purely graphics/illustration based are in the middle of the circle. I feel I'm drifting a little towards the edge of the circle. Originally I was under the impression that photography would have a decent involvement within the course, but It hasn't been so. Fortunately I can do graphic design proficient enough to keep my grades maintained thought I'd rather be behind the camera taking some interesting snaps.

How am I going to do this? Well After an indepth chat with Luke Bonner I've realised I need to be compilling a portfolio of my best photos. Maybe then I can approach an established photographer and be an assistant just so I can get a feel for things. If things feel right, then I know if I want to persue photography professionally.

Below is my portfolio booklet so far:

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