Fantastic Inspiration Robert Golden - Email included 30th January '09

Things are a little better today as regards to my professional project. After a nice little chat with both my tutors Kit Johnson, Sally hope and my esteemed colleague and friend Lewis Bullock. I now have a generalised idea of what I wish to focus on, I'm going to try and document the recession, but hopefully from a different angle.

Kit told me about a photographer named Robert Golden, who documented the great depression in the early 80's with some fantastic use of photography. I've emailed him in hope that he may offer me some words of wisdom, below is the email:

Hello Robert, I'm contacting you as regards to your photo set entitled 'HOME'

I'm a student from The Arts Institute Bournemouth currently studying Fda Visual Communication, I have a great passion for photography.
It's time for me to start planning for my final professional project and I'm looking to do a photo journal on the current recession.

Your photos are so inspiring, how did you go about being at the right place at the right time?

I'm going to try and do things a little different, by documenting the positives of the recession, some businesses are thriving from the crisis due to people's change in lifestyle.

Is there any advice you can offer me?

Kind Regards

Daniel Hodson

Second Year undergraduate
Fda Visual Communication
The Arts Institute Bournemouth

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