Photo selling opportunity 19th January '09

After receiving an email about a new event starting up at the student union bar in town I was keen to find out more. Here is a brief description as sourced from the email.

Hi there i spoke to you yesterday! like I was saying I'm starting a new Tuesday night event at the old firestation called swagger. Its a mixture of hip hop, garage, bassline, dubstep, drum and bass, breaks and electro. I want to make the event more than music however part of which is to include art. I thought the arts institute may be a good place to find students who may want to display their art, or perform live art at the event!

Students could also sell their art if they wish!
I've replied back to Dave Domoney, lets hope he likes what he see's

Hello Dave.

This sounds like a really good idea. I'm currently studying as a second year Visual communications student.

I have a great passion for photography and feel I might have some photos that could fit quite can see some of my work here:

I think the long exposure stuff could work well.Let me know what you think.


Daniel Hodson

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