Wire Newspaper - Photoshoot - 24th February '09

Today is another day of doing something beneficial to myself. Matt Desmier has kindly forwarded me a brief for Wire Newspaper. Wire Newspaper is a paper based over at Bournemouth University.

Here is the email:

These are the sort of pictures we are looking for:

- Surfers - Always down at the beach on the weekends
- Street entertainers/Market stools with people buying.
- Students queuing at the cinema (Wednesday has hoards of people outside the Odeon because of the cheap ticket prices)
- Bournemouth gardens Tennis centre - Someone playing a forehand/backhand
- The aquarium - shot of people walking through the tunnels
- Mini Golf in the town centre park
- Bournemouth Museum - people walking around

We're looking for action shots with people involved. I can arrange with all these venues to let the photographers in as soon as their is team willing to take the job on. I know it's fairly short-notice, the paper is going to print on March 1st so there is a good amount of time left. It will make a great centre spread for the paper and every photographer who contributes will be attributed.

If you have any views on the project I would really appreciate your thoughts. You can contact me on this e-mail or 077365xxxxx.

Kind regards,
Ollie Joy

I am going on a shoot today with Chris Micklefield from first year Vis-com. I hope this to be a challenge for myself, but find it a great opportunity to get coverage. All expenses will be paid so I might cash in on a cheeky burger.

I will post my results later today.

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