Manifesto Research

Following the presentation of manifestos from Mona & Phil, we set off to try and identify what exactly a manifest is made up of. One thing we need to avoid is the tendency of creating a long list of ramblings.

One manifesto found was a group called Plastique Fantastique and their manifesto is effect this:

  • Activate immanence

  • Harness affect

  • Build probe heads

  • actualise the virtual

  • Always stuttering, always stammering

  • Always folding.

As you can see, its absolute jumble so it was  little help. I've read it 5 or 6 times and I still don't understand.

their website is:

I've also included their about information, though its not much help either.
Plastique Fantastique is a collaboration between David Burrows and Simon O’Sullivan.

In First Communiqué: Manifesto of Plastique Fantastique- On Baroque Practice, 2004, O’Sullivan invented a guerrilla group Plastique Fantastique who he imagined as the creators of Burrows' exhibition New Life at Chisenhale, London.

Plastique Fantastique is a mythopoetic fiction - an investigation of aesthetics, the sacred and politics - produced through comics, performances, text, installations and shrines and assemblages.

For a history of Plastique Fantastique see History of Guerilla Plastique Fantastique: actions, presentations, texts

As this was confusing the already strange situation we search further and notice manifesto's are used a lot within a political context. It has become apparent it's not going to be as easy as we thought to write a manifesto.

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