Exhibition Setup

The Day has come to set up the exhibition ready for assessment tomorrow, the only issue is... I'm not actually there, and its quite frankly driving me mad. I've have complete faith that Sophie & Jess will pull out all the stops to make sure it looks great. Its in the nature of anyone related to art to ensure things look great, so I'm sure they'll do me proud. A little birdy as told me that Faye is a no show again, not that I'm surprised.

We had a brief chat with Mona yesterday to smooth over our complete and utter balls up last Friday, it was nice to be told that she had faith in us and knew that we'd come up with the goods. I'm currently around 120 miles from Birmingham and completely useless as regards to the rest of the preparation, I have however been in communication with Jess this morning confirming everything is okay.

I'm awaiting images that I can submit here to show. I can't wait to see.

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