Video Editing

So today Dan, helped by trusty sidekicks Jess and Tom, tackled the job of editing the videos from yesterday's filming. A nightmare mission considering the time-consuming nature of playing back and then exporting each  of the seven video's (some of which were nearly 30 mins long). Combined with compatibility problems with files from some of the cameras that we used, this meant a good 6 hour stint in front of the mac. Nice work.

The image below shows rach's video being exported. The compatibility with the video editing software meant we had to find a way to convert them so the program could see them, this was no small feet because we had three file types that were unreadable at the time. Fortunately I've had experience with video editing before, mainly through self teaching for various purposes in he past. Once they were converted it was a case of listening to all 7 video feeds intently to establish which had the best audio track. It turned out to be the feed fro Sophie's camera so I split the audio from the track and identified a key anchor point for all the videos to start at.

it turned out to be Jess saying "what makes you sad... Porridge?" If I hear that phrase any more I think I might pass out. The trick is to line the audio back up as so peoples mouths move in time. It took a bit of time to do as I'd never used I-movie before, but once I'd figured out a method it was the converting out that took the time, most were around approximately 10-13 minutes per video and then burning the disk was another 10 minutes. You can see how quickly time is eaten up just for one video.

It was horrible, but should all be worth it on Friday!

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