To the future..

I dont think you can look to the future without looking what you've done in the past. I've been thinking about this a lot and typed a little entry for my professional practice brief. Even if its a unit brief It's all meaningful.

It always helps to be honest when it comes to career aspirations. For me I'm in a slightly strange place as I've not got the conventional background as regards to my degree. I studied a two year foundation degree in Visual Communications. This entailed predominantly graphic design, typography, web design & illustration. Prior to my degree studies I did a foundation Art & Design year, which allowed me to do a taster in various aspects of design. It was here were I developed my taste for photography, we had the opportunity to trial both digital and film based photography.

It wasn't until I started my foundation degree at The Arts Institute in Bournemouth, now (The Arts University College at Bournemouth). That I realised I wanted to do photography. I tailored the next two years to fit my photography passion. The two years at Bournemouth really helped me hone my design skills which looking back have been a great thing. I feel I have a lot more to give to the visual communication world being able to competently use many different packages, not many photographers can lay claim to that.

The only downside to this is I can't help feel slightly behind as regards to knowing where I want to be. I've still not completely decided what area of photography I want to specialise in. I do however enjoy photographing people, not really in a portrait sense, more a 'fashion' style sense. This combined with my love for music leads me to live event photography, but also the opportunity to do promotional shoots for bands which is something I am keen to experiment with,

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