Summary or summery?

Today for me felt like the start of summer. The sun was out, the breeze was mild and the sky was clear and deep blue. I've missed it so much, for some reason I'm more inspired creatively when the better weather comes than when its crappy outside.

It makes me feel generally better about myself, and lifts my self-esteem. I little trip with a friend of mine to the tech stores on his course landed me with a 10-20mm wide angle lens. I mentioned this in my previous post but figured I'd bring it up again. It proved to provide me hours of fun, and experimentation too.

Naturally I photographed friends enjoying the sunshine with what ended up being a picnic. We had a few beers and smart price sausage rolls... Tasty! anyway, enough of the ramblings, no one reads it surely.
Here are a few images from today. Just a note that the two images from the previous post were included.

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