Inspiration Searching 11th Nov '07

Well, It happened again. That annoying inspirational block that stops you from being able to think up any ideas.

I set to, trying to jog up some inspiration. To help me do this I reached for the October issue of Creative Review. The handy thing was, that it was a photography special. Lucky for me Photography is one of my passions. So it wasn't very look before I spotted something I liked.

I came across some photography by 'Nick Georghiou' This certain photography has recently been featured in the NHS 'Quit Smoking' campaign. I decided I'd dig deeper and loaded the faithful Google search up. After typing his name in, I was linked to his portfolio page.

The selection of genre was pretty varied. There was even some urban & night time photography, which I have a thing for at the moment. Not only that but a selection of advertisements for Landrover & BMW. I took some small thumbnails of his work, printed them off and stuck them in my sketchbook with some support writing.

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