Reflection 20th Nov '07

Today we had a Illustrator workshop with Darren. It was basically a summary session where we had to create a piece of design work that demonstrated the skills we'd learned over the previous 3 sessions. We set out using photoshop using alpha layers then exporting the paths to use in Illustrator.

From there we went on to create our design pieces. The theme we used was T-shirt design. Apart from that it was pretty open ended. I created two designs. One based around a pint of beer and the Slogan "Drunken Genius" and the other Incorporated the Adobe application icons and the tag line "Tools of the trade".

Here are the two final designs that I came up with. I think they look really attractive, but keep maintain simplicity at the same time. I would actually like a 'CS 3' T-shirt, though I'd seem a bit of geek so maybe not hehe.

The second half of the day was dedicated to small group tutorials that enabled us to gain and offer critique and ideas to other peers as regards to the postcard project. I picked up some handy advice from both Kit & Neil. They have given me a few ideas that I will most possibly apply to the project.


Listening to: Clubland 12
Drinking: Tea

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