Reflection 21st Nov '07

Today was quiet interesting, we had an introduction into to grids and layouts. This has given us insight into the editorial side of Visual Communication.

We were provided with a worksheet of a grid, but all the labels had been blanked out, we were asked to fill in the blanks as best we could, then we had a class discussion as to what the others were called. I feel this helped in the learning process as it enabled us to take it in rather than just hearing what each item was and moving on.

We were given a summary as to what certain words meant for example:

Grid: The structure a designer sets up and uses to give the continuity to a series of designs

Layout: The design formed when the designer lays out (arranges) text and/or image on the grid

After a short break we came back and began laying out a Grid of our own, which lead on for us to create our own layout.


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