Reflection 27th Nov '07

Today was quiet exciting. we were scheduled to have 2 Full days using QuarkXpress. It was our first session today. Now I personally have used Quark before back when I was studying A-level graphics. But many people in the class hadn't used the program before.

Kit set about teaching everyone the basics from the ground up. Although I already knew the basics I found it aided me in relearning how to use the application.

After as short demo we were encouraged to source our original grids that we created, which I blogged about here.

We took a ruler and measured the grid, and imputed the data required to create the same grid on screen. This meant taking into account; margins,gutters,columns & bleeds etc.

That was really it as regards to Quark for the day, tomorrow we are going to be adding our designed templates to the grid and also picking a pantone colour to use of the black & white pages.

On the subject of Pantone colours, Kit also gave us a quick run down as to what pantone colours were available. I found this site which is extremely handy as it also has the hex codes.

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