Reflection 28th Nov '07

Today was our second session of Quark, the first half of the day was assigned for personal learning and application, so I set to work expanding my research towards my postcard project.

I found various old style postcards on flikr and various other internet sources. I then compiled them in photo shop and printed them out so I could critically analyse them. A lot of them were pretty generic as regards to scenic postcards, with boring collages of meaningless photos. There were some good ones though which provided a nostalgic reference for times gone by.

Using my skills from yesterday I also rigged up a template for my 6 postcards, adding a 2mm margin between each which would be the perforation. I figured why not apply what I've learned, as it helps you remember it.

The second Quark session enabled us to use our designed layouts and re-create them in Quark, also adding images, using selected fonts & pantone colours.

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