Reflection 29th Oct '07

Well, Today has been extremely enjoyable. After receiving an early morning tutorial from Sally, I set to work on planning what I was going to do today. I had the idea pursuing some photography. Friday nights (26th October) Drifting turned into a trial my DSLR out which provided me with some really good long exposure shots, this can be found in my arts section.

So, after having a quick chat to Darren & Neil about my new SLR arriving I set off home to grab my tripod and of course my I-pod!

My original Idea for my Drift was of Charminster High street, but I had gone off the idea, due to it lacking the appeal I originally had for it.

Being able to drive had a big impact on my final destination to drift, purely because I had been able to explore the sights previously. I decided that the upper class feel to Westbourne, would provide me with a good basis for a successful photography session.

So, after a quick Mug of tea & a scramble around for my car keys I finally set on my way over to Westbourne. It turned out to be pretty sunny, so I had to put my sun glasses on.

Good Lighting = Good photography, so I was pretty excited about what the photo's were going to turn out like.

When I arrived at Westbourne, I searched for a street that wasn't plagued with yellow lines. When I finally found one, I quickly abandoned my car and set out to explore & capture.

Just a short walk from my car I found myself in a surreal tropical garden, the weather was warm and it didn't feel like the end of October at all. I feel the photo's reflect this as well.

Its funny how fast time goes when your engrossed in something.

After walking through the tropical garden I was presented with some breathtaking views of the South Coast, so I proceeded to capture this on photo. The glorious sunlight provided the warmth in the photos.

After walking along the coastline towards Poole, and being snap happy. I proceeded to head back to the car with 120 photo's tucked away nicely in my 1gb CF card. Though I couldn't remember where I parked the car! I found it eventually though.

After arriving home I was eager to unlock the treasures of the day, and what treasures they were. I've enclosed a final Idea for my Drift project which can be found on my arts page, my only criticism of the final is maybe the levels need tweaking to brighten up the whole image.

I'm feeling that with the amount of photo's I have at my disposal I maybe create a feel abstract collages similar to the one I produced.

Though, after Friday nights success I'm keen to go out and capture the magic of the Town while its still dry.

Tomorrow I hope to get some constructive criticism on my potential final for the drift project.

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