Drift Tutorial Feedback 30th Oct '07

Well, after a slightly late arrival to this mornings feedback (due to someone threatening to clamp my car if I park there again) We set to work as a group of us Including, Neil & Dan our tutors. We began analyzing and constructively criticizing each others work.

It was quite interesting to see how people had adapted their own styles and took a different approach to the brief. For example a select few had created a small booklet to display images, where as I had done a collage.

My critique went quite well I feel, there was a lot of positive comments on my piece, and I feel it was slightly different to most peoples work. Dan & Neil commented on good composition etc. There was also some queries as to whether I planned to expand on the project and possible create a few collages using different styles and maybe even drawing into the image.

I had already planned to do this anyway so was happy with their feedback.

Here is the link to my presented piece for reference:


This afternoon is the second half of the letterpress workshop so I look forward to that.

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