Reflection 30th Oct '07

Well, another constructive day today. After another constructive critique that I wrote about here:

We attended the other half of our Letterpress workshop, this time our main focus was that of abstract art through print making, rather than making words and phrases in the previous session.

I will be uploading some support work that will tie in with this tomorrow.

As I talk about tomorrow we are scheduled to attend a compulsory Tutorial on various desktop packages. These being the following; Photoshop, Illustrator, Quake Express & In design.

From speaking to Darren its evident we will be recapping scanning tomorrow, the primary scan material will be out prints from the letterpress sessions.

I feel I'm pretty competent in Photoshop, due to my passion for self teaching, but It may prove insightful for other things as well.

After last nights work on my drift I didn't actually get round to going out and taking some photography, so I'm hoping to do that tonight!

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