'Peace' of mind. May 25th '08

No, I meant to spell the title like that. I've been enjoying a nice break in Aberystwyth as I mentioned in my previous post.

It's made a change from the hussle and bussle of deadlines. I've got the prospect of summer and work in my head, the work bit isn't so great but, at least I'll be earning. Earning means I can do stuff I want to do, be it a 'bevvie' at the local or a day out to the zoo.

Feeling a bit lonely at the moment due to the other half being involved in a theatrical performance. Shes a trooper pulling off 12 hour rehersals. Its show day today involving a matinée and an evening show. I get the joy of seeing her perform on the finale which is Tuesday night. Unfortunately I wont be able to take my beloved camera, as they have a strict policy (either that or they're money grabbing tossers who want to make profit from their own imagery and footage.)

Either way, I don't get to practice it low light this time.

On the topic of photography, I'm waiting for the lousy weather to pick up, I'm sitting around itching to capture the beauty of the west coast, but the wind and rain don't really get on with my gear so here I sit.

On a plus note, I've found a handy collection tutorials which I've added to the 'References' section on the right. Theres some great stuff there.

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