Pondering 12th August '08

Well, Its been a while since I blogged here and that's mainly due to commitments during my summer break, namely work!

It's only 6 weeks to go till I'm due back at University to begin my second year of study. For some reason I feel slightly anxious about my return. Maybe its due me feeling guilty as regards to Design over the summer. I still think like a designer but I've just not had the time to do any.

I've managed to keep snapping as I do enjoy it very much so, but I've just been a number in a sea of many. 7713467, that's my employee number at work. Mindless repetitive answers and phrases, I really cant wait to do something worth while again.

Summer for me has been enjoyable, its enabled me to become re-acquainted with my Fiancee who I do miss so very much when I'm away from her. One year down, two more to go till we can maybe live how we want to. My parents were married after being together a year and here I am with Danielle 2 and a half years together and still clawing all privacy we can get.

I'm twenty one on September the forth. I'll see you all soon.

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