Graphic Design Vacancy 1st October '08

Looking on the AIB blackboard this morning I stumbled across a advertisement for potential employment. The company involved is called

This is the advertisement:

I'm currently setting up a sports / music t-shirt design business and I'm looking for promising graphic designers to create designs from templates I give them. Or alternatively they could use their initiative and submit an idea of their own. If their design is good enough it will be printed onto t-shirts, which will be sold on my website which is currently still under construction. For every t-shirt sold the artist will receive percentage of the profit made. This is a great method of practice for all graphic design students, which will also (hopefully) promote their designs to a wide audience. Also, it will provide them with a bit of extra income which every student needs.
After contacting him I swiftly received a reply. To summarise he would like me to look around potential competitor websites to get an idea of styles I can maybe use, A big one he mentioned was NME. NME is a big hit on the modern music scene so I can kind of get an idea of the target audience.

The actual templates wont be given out to us until the website is completed.

I'm going to keep an eye on this one as I'll recieve 25% of the profit made from each t-shirt sold with my design on.

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