First Brief of the year 2nd October '08

Well its that time of the year again.

The first brief of the term was set today and it's entitled "Look Again, See Again"

The description for the brief is as followed.

Visual communicators should possess skills that enable them to make analytical, intellectual and conceptual judgements. A design problem is usually framed within an appropriate context and it is this context that aids the designer to a solution, and gives understanding to the viewer. The context for this project is Look Again / See Again

This isn't your usual brief as it's part of four. All four briefs make up this unit, the briefs each forfil a different learning outcome. Hopefully I can rise to the challenge and get the most from it.

There are two choices to choose from in the first brief and these are:

1. Choose a social issue that in your opinion has been over looked and needs addressing.
2. Choose an object that goes beyond its intended purpose or everyday use; it make invoke certain memories or feelings that give the object sentimental significance.

At a first glance option two seems more viable for me to choose.

The final product of this brief must be on A3 paper in poster format, it has to be 2D so folding paper etc is a no go.

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