Success 2nd October '08

Well, after apply to be a PAL Leader (Peer Assisted Learning) The people that were to do it were finally announced. There is to be 11 leaders spread across 3 groups of 16.

The reason I applied is very simple. It really does help having people to talk to who've been in your position. Because we're not actually 'staff' but peers it becomes a lot more informal meaning people and be a lot more open and honest.

Anything said in PAL sessions is strictly confidential, so if people are unhappy with anything academically related then this can maybe taken on board and work at to solve the issue.

Being outgoing as I am means it gives me such a buzz to know I've helped someone or made them feel better.

After attending the teaching seminar in July to help fight the cause for PAL, I've been eager to begin.

Bring on the training monday!

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