Fibrecity Dead end 1st December '08

Well, After a long wait I finally arranged a meet up with the Fda Tutor for photography. I took a little time to print off the collection of emails I'd blogged so he could understand what was said.

The emails are too ambiguous to stand up as a case, due to missing information for example, at no time in our email communications did I state they couldn't use my imagery for web. Purely the fact this absense exists could leave them scope to believe they can.

I was advised to email Mark at Worldspan and round things up, thank him for the opportunity and for sending the printed media and recap on the possibility of commissioned work in the future.

While I was there I queried various things my main thing really was how would I go about charging. I was advised to make a fake design company and sign up on gety images. Then when approached for usage of photos simply search on gety and get a price, but also take into account time frames.

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