Words of inspiration 8th December '08

Well, this whole divulge to photography is confusing me to death. I've got so many small decisions to make and also need to think about where I want to be in say 10 years time.

I stumbled across a great blog which offers cheap lighting techniques, but a post that didnt relate to that at all was on there about working for free in photography (especially in the current state of the worlds economy)

The whole post can be found here
Below is a an extract:

As a point of reference, I am going to broadly assume that many of you fall at least loosely into one of the following areas:

One, if you are a pro, you are probably not being hired to shoot full-time, wall-to-wall. You might have some down time right about now. Maybe even a little too much.

Two, if you are an amateur, you probably spend some time on a regular basis shooting for yourself when you are not working the soul-sucking day job.

After 20 years as a pro, I find myself with a foot in both ponds. I still thnk of myself as a professional shooter -- and I am shooting assignments, after all. But I also have a non-shooting "day job," which you are reading right now.

As such, over the last few months I have been thinking about my shooting in a different different way. I have had long conversations with other photographers about it, too. Some were rank amateurs, some are big-shot pros, and some in the muddy middle.
This is so true. I just need to get a great big push in the right direction.
Time to sort a portfolio and a CV me thinks.

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