Work Experience Pursuit 10th December '08

I have approached the Bournemouth Echo, in a hope to gain some work experience field work.

Here is a copy of the email I sent to,

Hello there, I feel slightly impersonal as I have no name as to direct this email to.

To give a little about me I am student studying my second year degree in Visual Communications at the Arts Institute Bournemouth. I am currently searching for some work experience opportunities. The reason I approached you as a business, is the obvious need for photography to convey messages to the public. I have a keen interest in photography myself so contacting in hope that I may be able to act as a photographers assistant to gain some professional field work.

I'm currently working on my portfolio site, but I do have a flickr site which can be found here:

my phone number is: (+44)7933526611

Hope to hear back.

Kind Regards

Daniel Hodson

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