Photography Commission Success 14th January '09

Well, It's happened. I've managed to hit my personal goal for the year just 14 days into 2009.

I've been commissioned by a musical artist known as 'Komtekz' to give a little more information about him this is a quote about him:

Komtekz (Will Kelly) is a Recording Artist & Producer/Songwriter from East London, where the musical genre of 'Grime' was born. However, he describes his musical style as a mixture of Grime, Indie, Electro & also a touch of Hip Hop.

He contacted me after me briefly meeting him last year and getting onto the subject of photography. He mentioned he may be looking for photo's at some point. I was contacted by him on the January 4th. It was arranged to be done, but no specifics had been laid down. Between then and now we have been exchanging phone calls and agreed on a date, which was today.

So the shoot has been done, and for now he has walked away with 5 photos of which all have been post processed.

Here are my favorite three:

Click the images for a larger version

It is such a great feeling being paid for your skills, but for a first client and guinea pig, Will was a delight to work with.

See & Hear music from Komtekz at his myspace here

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