D&AD headway 13th January '09

Today Luke & I got together to think deeper about the current D&AD brief. After a freak accident I stumbled across decorators suits forsale in Lidl. This was perfect for what we needed, not only that by they were in stock.

So, we had the suits now we need the models. So we formulated the email below and sent it to all users on the AIB internet network.

This is the letter:

Guys & Girls!
We’re two second year Fda Visual Communication students entering the D&AD competition this year. We’re looking for a varied selection of models (short, tall, thin, fat, young and old!) that are interested in modeling for a photo shoot.

The brief is on people’s views to wealth and poverty. We hope to push these ideas to the max.

Shoots would be at some point late next week.

If you are interested, or would like to know more, email back!
Look forward to hearing from you.

Dan & Luke

M. 07740336403 (Luke)
M. 07933526611 (Dan)
Alt Email: shout@lukebonner.co.uk

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