SMB2 Critique 9th January '09

Today has been an enjoyable day for myself. After working on my website over Christmas, I've now had chance to show my work in progress. In groups of 8-10 people we sat round and look through each others sites offering positive criticism which can only help peoples sites be even better.

I opted to go first as I was fussin around with the projector. I was slightly saddened by the brightness of the room as my website is grey on black so little could be seen. I did however show on screen so was offered the following advice:

Experiment with the colour scheme, trial black/grey on white etc.

Exciting splash page to entice the viewer

Gallery categories. portrait landscape automotive experimental.

Change navigation around Gallery, Contact, bio,blog (link to photo journal)

Bio page - lose image of me (young looking could lose me work) as clients look for experience etc. This prevents people from really seeing the work.
I have began to execute some of these pieces of advice.

Stay tuned.

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