Charlie Hole - The Photoshoot - 26th February '09

So, Yesterday was the day of the shoot with Charlie Hole. We had originally planned to head to West Lulworth and shoot at both Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Given the theme we had drawn up to use on the photography, the weather let us down.

It was dark, dull & grey. So it made sense not to travel 25 miles to find we're not getting the results we need.

Charlie was already schedualed to leave school on his lunch our, so we made the decision to Visit Bournemouth and shoot on the beach. We retained the initial concepts and used the pier as a prop.

The weather was horrible and my hands were numb, but I can't help feel it was all worth it. Jim Cregan was with us on the shoot and actually brough his battered old guitar case from his passed to be used as a prop within the shoot.

We shot at two location, one obviously being the main pier at Bournemouth, and the other a small wooded area near Alum Chine.

Charlie was extremely easy to photograph, even though I did notice him loosen up during the day. I will bare this in mind next time and many times after that when ever I'm shooting people.

After the success of the day, we decided to take a warm and get comfy in the corner of a pub. Nachos were the snack and the talk was ideas.

There was a nice ideas generation session about a studio shoot. Although ideas are not solidified we have some initial ideas, and now it's time to book a studio, Matt Desmier is our man for this and apparently he can get us in a studio on Thursday nights. This is yet to be confirmed but hopefully we'll have an answer by the end of the day.

Here is a selection of photos that stood out to me.

All photos shown here are my take on the day, and my post processing. Inevitably there will be some tweaks, so I'll attempt to document as best I can.

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