Sort it out 17th February 09

Well, Here I am. I've not blogged for too long, over two weeks!

It's not like me at all but I've just been wrapped up in everything It's just not been viable to stress and worry about it.

A run down of whats been going on?

I've been working with George & Luke on various side projects thanks to Matt Desmier. Both have proved to be useful, and have helped prepare me to work with genuine clients.

I will upload some images to support this claim.

The professional project is underway so we can stress about that now. Also the bridging studies essay is on the horizon. We've been brief by Dr Anna Middleton on what we need to acheive, the session proved extremely helpful It also allowed me to discover I may be able to enter the BA course in photography meaning I will have two degrees, Fda Visual Communication & Ba Photography.

My Professional Project is heading towards photography so hopefully it should enable me to really show what I can do, I just need to make sure I underpin everything with plenty of deep and meaningful research. Without it, my work stands for nothing and I simply wont make the grade of 50 needed to enter the Ba program.

I visited London yesturday and managed to shoot well over 250 photos, mostly of random people. My reason for this as posted on a local photography forum:

I was in London with my camera and my friends, It's all well and good photographing your friends for nostalgia, but It dawned on me how interesting people you dont know actually are.

Meer seconds will pass and you may never see them again in your life. I made an effort to capture people living, breathing and doing the same as myself. Enjoying London.

Basically saying that you don't have time to study people you don't know and nor will there be time again to study them. I will link some photos here when I get chance

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