Charlie Hole - The results - 6th March '09

This project has been absolutely amazing, I wouldn't of been half the fun without my counterparts, George Russell & Luke Bonner.

We've conducted an on location shoot and now, as of last night a studio shoot. Initially we arrived at the studio totally bewildered by the gear we had at our disposal. But after a quick briefing with the technician we were set.

Prior to the shoot, I had done some research on model direction, I can't help but feel this is one of the reasons the shoot was much more successful than the on location shot, that and charlie must of felt a lot more comfortable after knowing us a little more.

As well as model direction advice, I sourced some images on poses done to a similar genre to charlies. Some of these poses were implemented and look good (in my opinion, anyway!)

We had the studio for four hours, this was thanks to Pete McKinley who kindly booked my in last week after a heads up from Matt Desmier.

Would you like to see the photos?
Well here they are, in no particular order:

So here we are, this is a small collection I've processed and refined. There will be more, as I took well over 300 photos!

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  1. Mate, you gonna need a larger Hard Drive at this rate! Great work here!