Pursuing my third year - 11th March '09

I recently requested prospectus from the BCU 'Birmingham City University' due to discovering that have a Ba in Visual Communication (photography) this seems like an extremely viable coursr for me to join.

I've emailed a tutor in a hope to find out some more information. There is an open day on the 21st April hopefully I can attend.

Hello Clive, I'm contacting you in hope to gain a little more insight about The Visual Communication course.

I applied to the graphics course two years ago and it ended up as my insurance choice. I opted for my original choice and nearing the end of my current course.

I'm currently studying an Fda in Visual Communication at the Arts Institute Bournemouth. Currently our synopsis of work involves either a bridging studies essay to progress into a 3rd year Ba or work related learning.

I'm contacting you because I'm trying to discover if a 3rd year at BCU would potentially be possible. The only official pathways offered at the AIB are to Graphics and Illustration. I've have since developed a hunger for photography and the Visual Communication (photography) pathway has drawn me back to the BCU.

I hope I've articulated enough as for you to understand what I'm looking for.

I contacted the helpline as part of the prospectus but I was a little confused.

Obviously if your not the right person to speak to would it be possible to forward to the correct parties involved.


Daniel Hodson

The Arts Institute Bournemouth

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