A Date is Set - BCU Visual Communication - 22nd March '09

So, I've been in Germany for 4 days and checked my emails to day to fine a really exciting reply from BCU. here it is below.
Hi Daniel,

I look forward to seeing you on 31st, I've attached a pdf map. We have an
11am session and a 2pm session. You can come to either to suit you. Try
and arrive about half an hour before and bring a copy of this email to show
at the Viscom admin office, they'll know what to do with you from then.

My suggestion Is that you fall in line with the arrangements we make for all
applicants and join in the tour and presentation. If we think that the
course is right for you we can arrange for the correct forms to be filled



Nathan Tromans
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Visual Communication
Birmingham Institute of Art & Design

Tel: 0121 331 5830
Time to start putting together my portfolio. Exciting times.

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