Everything is Black and White - 23rd March '09

Black and white. Often thought as old, black and white television, black and white movies and obviously black and white photography.

Why black and white photography? Well during the infantile stages of photography production colour wasn't actually available so there wasn't the option.

People now have the choice yet people still photograph in black and white.

How is this relevant?

For my professional project I'm going to attempt to photograph people that can give inspiration during the current economic black out, I feel colour photography could confused the message of the photo, where as black and white is all about tone.

The tone of the photograph can be so wide, even if the photo is black and white. Using lighting can make people look evil or quite the opposite.

During my visit to Berlin I made it my challenge to explore black and white photography here are some results.

Perhaps not the greatest photos in the world, but for me the depth of the tone is obvious in all the photos.

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