Live Brief - - 4th March '09

Matt Desmier here again. Once again hes come up with the goods!

Hes been contacted by a firm know as plantabox. looking at their website it seems they offer pre-grown plants in wooden crates. It looks as if they're main target is a gift service. With mothers day on the horizon this could be a good opportunity for sales.

Here is the original image as sent to Matt Desmier:

I am writing to enquire whether your students ever get involved with local businesses on projects?

We are a small business based in Southbourne and run an internet gift site -

We are looking to improve on our pictures used on the website as we take these ourselves. As with lots of small businesses, money is fairly tight but we are able to make a contribution towards costs if someone was able and willing to take some new photo's.

Perhaps you'd be so kind as to advise whether you can help or not, and if so, how we take this further.

Kind Regards

Natalie Greenfield
Orchard Gifts / Incorporating "Plantabox"

Once again, Matt has forwarded this onto me, hopefully its because he finds me reputable and reliable. One can only hope that's the impression.

Here is the email Matt Desmier sent me:


Please see the email exchange below and in particularly have a look at the website

We’ve been approached by this firm to see if our students can update their catalogue of images regarding their products to be featured on their website. You will see that actually they don’t really want to pay anything – and if you’re happy to do the work for free as a portfolio exercise then feel free to and I shall put you in contact with them – but I have argued that working for nothing doesn’t do either party any good, they don’t place any worth on the images being created, it cheapens the art of photography and as students, it’s exploitative. So I’ve suggest that they at least give you a fixed amount – we’ll wait to see what the response will be…

Matthew Desmier

Head of Enterprise Unit

t: 01202 853602
f: 01202 853601
eP brochure click here

"turning ideas into creative enterprises"
It's fantastic Matts attitude as regards to student exploitation. I will await a reponse forwarded by Matt. It's another place I can sink my roots.

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