PAL Reflection - 3rd March '09

As with anything, its always helpful to reflect. There isn't many sessions of Peer Assisted Learning left, what are my thoughts?

For me PAL has been a lesson, A lesson in many ways. I've learned to better plan my time rather than just 'winging it' on the day. People can see straight through the whole thing as if it were a window.

It has helped me engage with the first years a lot more than I would of have hadn't of partook in the scheme. Hopefully this has been the case with them. As strange as it seems, I do enjoy showing work, as a creative person It's nice to get postive feedback as well as negative from like minded people.

Does PAL work the way it's meant to? In the majority of cases, but often there are times when people don't really need our help or advice and feel they would rather invest their time more productively.

I'd recommend current first years to consider PAL as it's well worth the time to get to know your peers better, not only that but it makes you more approachable.

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