Phew, Deadline pending 6th May '09

Been a while since I posted here, and well quite frankly I haven't had the time to. Deadline is 2 days from now. The big hand in, the grand finale.

Things are on track for me, which has given me time to procrastinate.

Maybe it was my fatigued mind at 3 in the morning, or maybe a stroke of genius, who knows. This is the outcome of such madness:

perfect birds eye views of out working area, this is the description as posted to flickr.

it's that time of year students hate, those precious few days & hours before hand in. In attempt to motivate one and other we decided we'd squeeze round the dining table. Needless to say tidiness gets disregarded, as stress and panic takes priority.

Clearly me standing on the table wasn't very productive, but it proved an interesting photo in my opinion.

So I thought I'd share our stress with the community.

If you would like to see this photo larger, add me as a contact

Think I might try some more of these.

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