Return to University - 18th Sept '09

Seriously, Shit. It's been over five months since I was last at uni and here we are again. It's the day before I'm due to move into my new home.

Feeling like a total fresher again due to my decision to up sticks and leave Bournemouth after successfully graduating with a 2:1. Birmingham Institute of Art & Design here we come.

It seems my contact with my old AIB email has been severed so I no longer have direct contact to my former tutors. This saddens me, but I'm sure I can still recall their emails.

Its freshers induction day on the 21st Sept, even though I'm entering a second year, I've still got to attend to help find my way around!

Time tables actually start on the 28th for myself, so back to work it is on the 22nd. A graceful thank you to my employer for once again letting me move stores to maintain a 'slight' disposable income.

What to look forward to?
  • Making new aqquaintances
  • amazing choice of scenery to photograph
  • freshers week
  • art direction unit
  • actually having photography tutors
So, I'd like to say Hello again blog. I will be posting here again from here on out.

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