Extrapolating the map as a creative strategy - Lecture 29th Sept '09

“Extrapolating the map as a creative strategy”

What an interesting lecture I was fortunate to attend. What does it mean you may ask?

To go into detail about this, this technique is used to source locations for vast amounts of photography and motion related media. It is whereby an map (specifically an ordinance survey map) is used to find interesting places on the landscape that otherwise could be overlooked. Things like disused quarries, war bunkers, waterfalls and various other interesting artifacts off the beaten track.

This task is usually given to a location scout who would find these places of interest and visit them to ensure they fit the criteria of the brief.

During the lecture, we were shown examples of where this technique had been used, the map was also used to predict the best light based on the lie of the land for the photograph.

Hopefully I can get my hands on an OS map for the up and coming project.


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