The first brief - 6th Oct '09

Here is a direct copy of my brief for the current unit:

BA(Hons) Visual Communication

L5 – Photography & Moving Image

Semester 3 – Subject in Context

Brief B

Aim: This project will engage students with the pragmatic logistics and organisational skills necessary to understand the relationship between client, image makers and the material nature of “The Fashion Portfolio”.


Construct creative work that employs key skills and techniques in the medium of photography & moving image

· Demonstrate understanding of photography & moving image practice in relation to audiences, clients and consumers, through practice.

· Develop a critical awareness to communicate ideas and information through the medium of photography, through practice and learning journals.

Introduce students to contextualisation of photographic & moving image scenarios.

· To engage with live competitions and briefs.

Project brief – “Fashion Portfolio”
The emphasis of this particular project is to produce a fashion portfolio in the form of a Book. The student will define a narrative structure and develop a thematic style that is coherent and consistent with contemporary practice.

It is imperative that you hone your organisation skills and build links with the appropriate people, e.g. models, make-up artists, location scouts, etc.

It is a requirement that you should define your audience before you begin this project, and that the narrative structure will form the “Theme” that drives and engenders the audience response.

Requirements –
You are required to engage and organise all aspects for a successful conclusion to this project. These will be identified in the RVJ (Digital).

The book should be printed via Lulu or, and be a minimum of 20 pages.

Visual References –

David Lachapelle – “Lachapelle Land” – Simon & Schuster (1996)
David Lachapelle – “Heaven to Hell” – Taschen (2007)
Gianni Versace – “Rock and Royalty” - Abbeville Press Inc. (1996)

Some Practitioners – David Lachapelle, Steven Meisel, Bruce Weber, Helmut Newton, Tim Walker, Sean Ellis, Nick Knight, Jurgen Teller.

Submission Date (Refer to your schedule)


· RVJ - containing evidence of: Contextual Research, Knowledge of Area, Ideas and Image Development, Reflection, Evaluation and Rational, Design Process and Annotation.

Ravi Deepres, Robert Gibb, Paul M O’Donnel, Ray Spence, Paul Lander

This is an awful amount of pressure on my shoulders, I've got some adapting to do. but looking forward to the challenge.

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